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RETREAT IN THAILAND – transformative holidays for singles and couples


December 10–16, 2012 on the island Koh Phangan (at Bounty Resort)

Lecturers: Denisa Paleckova & Richard Vojik

Join us for a transformational vacation full of Freedom, Beauty, Strength and Love! Participate in a course to gain experience with and for ourselves!

Let us together escape from the cold and damp February of European inland to charming and scented tropics! Thailand stands for beautiful beaches, diving opportunities, the smell of palm trees, agreeable people, world-famous cuisine …


Our lives are heavily influenced by our own past. We are very much under the influence of the inheritance left to us by our ancestors and the culture they passed on to us.

In the course of growing up, through what we went through in childhood and youth, „programs“ have been „installed“ into our brains. Although at the time we absorbed this information, it helped us to survive, now, in adulthood, much of it is no longer helpful to us, but has become a burden and a barrier to further growth instead.

This old baggage can be compared to armour, which weighs us down, slowing us in our every attempt to move and be alive, to explore and to love.We are viewing our continuing lives and the world around us via this filter, which is hampering us in our efforts to make decisions with the full freedom we would need.

During this course we will free up old models, in order to liberate our perception from the filter of our ego. We will endeavor to open ourselves up to the full flowing of life and love.

Some further themes with which we will concern ourselves:

  • the polarity between Man and Woman;
  • wide-awake partnership;
  • three levels at which we can experience the world around us and within us;
  • time, money and how they seduce us;
  • recognizing the function of our brain and finding the balance between emotions (white brain tissue) and control or direction (the gray matter of the brain´s surface);

For transformation we will use the following techniques:

  • guided meditative ways to find our own strength, freedom and beauty;
  • awareness games and work in small groups and pairs;
  • energetic constellations;
  • dancing for the awakening of life energy and opening ourselves up to joy and love;
  • other forms of self-discovery and growth.

And of course there will be time for swimming, resting and travelling around the island. There are also possible discovery trips (based on your choice you can see the waterfalls, the temples or go diving…). Our group will be accommodated right next to the beach; the food will be healthy, tasty and aphrodisiacal; you will be able to enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of a Buddhist country; the locals are kind and pleasant; the shopping as well as services are cheap … Our recommendation is for you to spending one more week in Thailand once the course is over and based on your choice perhaps travel together with the other participants around Thailand, especially if you haven’t been there.

Those who are interested can attend a course of certified Thai massages directly at the source, we recommend to come one week earlier and learn in the temple school Wat Pho in Bangkok. We can supply you with more details upon request.

If you wish to come a bit earlier and spend a few days in Bangkok, you can meet with us and at least part of the group participant there, hang out, get over jetlag (depending on where you come from) and travel together to Koh Phangan.

Location: Bounty Resort, island Koh Phangan, Thailand>>>

Stunning sea-cliff sunset views. Close to the most beautiful beach „Haad Yao“ on Koh Phangan with snorkelling and diving opportunities, BBQs, swimming, places for Thai massage. Quiet relaxing place, but restaurants, shops and bars within comfortable walking distance.

Price: 285 Eur course fee (260 Eur concession) + accommodation + food + transport

Accommodation at Bounty Resort moves between 880 THB-2200 THB per doubleroom/ night, depending on room type (fan/AC/seaview etc.). Have a closer look at ?/…anbounty.com and tell us your accommodation preferences.


Thailand is world-famous for its cuisine! It is tasty, healthy, varied and intoxicatingly aphrodisiacal: Thai curry, fish, coconut soups, delicate as well as hot dishes, fresh juices of countless types, ice coffee, mango lassi, pineapples, melons, banana pancakes… You can eat any dishes from the supplied menu; regarding the prices you would spend about 200 crowns per day in the local restaurant and eat well (however, those who wish to save more money can eat for even 100 crowns per days and, on the contrary, those, who want to have great big generous meals will spend 300 crowns/day; in time we will also post up a preliminary menu with prices). There is also an alternative of setting up our own “group” menu for a set price (certain meals would be chosen for everybody participating).

Staying at the island of Koh Phangan:

It is highly recommended to add one more week to you stay once the course is over. Once at Koh Phangan, you can visit local waterfalls, go diving, go and see another island etc.
Often friendship grows among the group participants and you can join together to hang out or travel for at least few more days, if not weeks.

Don’t hesitate and contact us if you have any questions!

Denisa Palečková & Richard Vojík,

the teachers and founders of TANTRAWORLD® School

image Denisa Palečková, MSc, and Richard Vojík, MSc, are internationally acclaimed teachers working in the field of intimate relationships, sexuality, tantra, personal transformation and massage. Since 2002 they have been running personal development workshops focusing on partnership, life, healing, working with sexuality, groups for men and for women and tantra massage. In 2006, they founded The School of Tantra Massage and began teaching REIKI as well. Apart from working in their home country Czech Republic, they also organize workshops in England, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia and Thailand.

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Více o lektorovi kurzu Mgr. Denisa Palečková, CSB Richard Vojík, MSc.

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